Unique Children’s Toys – Expand Your Child’s Mind

If you are a parent, then you are familiar with the mass-produced plastic toys that are waved in front of our children’s faces every time they sit down to watch a cartoon or other kid’s show on television. If you have been a parent for long, you also know that there is always a list of “must have” toys each holiday season. If you go out and buy those toys, often times you will find that they are broken and tossed aside within a matter of weeks. The challenge as a parent is to locate quality unique children’s toys that are able to turn on a child’s imagination.

Unique Childrens Toys

The last thing that we want as parents is to turn our kids into greedy little consumers. Rather, we want to raise kids who are conscious of the environment and who are open to learning, among other things. Unique children’s toys can bridge the gap between what are children are today and what we would like to see them become in the future. When you purchase unique eco-friendly toys, for instance, you are not only teaching them about your values, but are instilling that value in them. Even if the toys you buy your kids don’t have a social message, the toys should leave room for the child’s imagination to expand.

In today’s world where the latest action figure or cartoon character leads the pack when it comes to themes for toys, often, the unique children’s toys are actually the tried and true favorites from yesteryear. How about getting your child some multi-colored blocks and let him build a fort or town? How about getting your child a set of zoo animals so that she can play zoo or safari or jungle? When buying your child toys such as these, just make sure that the paint on them is non-toxic and that they are made without little pieces that can break off and become a choking hazard.

Other unique children’s toys are things like musical instruments, art supplies, puppets and puzzles. The idea is to break away from the overly-commercialized products and move towards toys that allow your child’s own creativity to blossom. When you opt for a unique toy, you are not looking for something crazy or one of a kind. Rather, you are looking for a toy that is not common or commonly appreciated, but is a toy that will allow your child to commence with spirited, creative play. In that way, you are expanding your child’s mind well beyond the confines of the television and mass consumerism.


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